Jul 9, 2021 | Blog

Hey there, and welcome back to the Travel Life Vacations blog!

We have something we’re really excited to tell you about! That is…. If you don’t already know…. Have you heard about the Groovy Goat? (Hint: It’s not our dancing, pet farm animal). It’s our newest Short-Term Vacation Rental Home!

The Groovy Goat is a 3-story, luxury 8 bedroom, 8 bathroom vacation home in Destin, Fl. It has a private pool, hot tub, gold cart, outdoor kitchen, and much, much more. It’s about two blocks away from the beautiful white beaches of Destin, Florida, and…. It sleeps up to 36 guests! That’s right, I said 36. That means Uncle Larry, Uncle Ed, and the cousin that you didn’t know you had can all come! Or, on the other hand…. It could just mean that you get your own bathroom. *wink*

The list of amenities and features in the home is long. So instead of me writing them all here… go check em’ out for yourself on our website here:

If you’ve ever stayed with us before, then you know that all of our vacation homes come stocked and equipped for you to have a home away from home experience.

SO… “Why the “Groovy Goat”?” you may be asking….
Let me tell you, we have a fun and interesting time trying to pick out names for our new vacation homes. All sorts of weird things get suggested, (and thrown out. LOL). The Groovy Goat just sort of came to us while we were choosing the name for our previous vacation home, The Snazzy Coconut. We both like to claim that we each came up with it, but honestly…. at this point, we can’t really remember which one of us said it.… names were flying everywhere.

Normally we would have laughed and thrown out the idea away along with so many others, but for different reasons… we didn’t. We both liked it, but agreed that it didn’t really suit The Snazzy Coconut very well. So, we decided to save it for the next house and specifically design the home around the name, instead of the other way around. And thus The Groovy Goat was born!! *Really cool, Techno Music playing*

In designing this home, we went outside of our normal comfort zone. We picked bold colors we wouldn’t normally choose, and décor we wouldn’t normally buy… and it call came together in a beautiful way!
When people ask me what I would call the style of the home, I tell them I’m not really sure, but that I sort of mixed 3 or 4 styles together. LOL. And I love it! And we hope that you’ll love it also. In the year that it has been on the rental market, it has been one of our most popular homes since we started in this industry, over 10 years ago!

Go check it out and see for yourself. It’s booking up fast though!

Now, we just need to try and figure out how to make the next house as amazing as The Groovy….

Oh, did I say the NEXT house? Hmm… more on the Funky Flamingo another time 😉! (Comment below and tell us what you think the next vacation rental should be called!)

Until then, thanks for stopping by, and we hope you have a blessed day.

Happy travels!
-Travel Life Vacations. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Ryan and Sara Martin of Travel Life Vacation Rentals