Your Ultimate Guide to a Paw-some Vacation in Destin, FL with Your Furry Friends!

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Blog

Hey there, fellow adventurers and pet lovers! 🌞🐾 Have you ever dreamed of hitting the pristine beaches of Destin, FL, with your fuzzy sidekick by your side? Well, dream no more! I’m here to spill the beans on making your vacation in Destin not just possible but absolutely unforgettable for you and your pet. Grab a cold one for you and a treat for your furry friend, and let’s dive into this tail-wagging guide!

Morning Vibes and Tail Wags

Alright, fellow pet enthusiasts and food connoisseurs! You’ve got your beach gear ready, your pet’s tail is wagging in anticipation, and you’re both waking up in beautiful Destin, wondering, “Where will our taste buds take us today?” Fear not, for I’ve combed through the local scene, offering you and your furry friend the crème de la crème of breakfast spots that warmly welcome both humans and pets. So, let’s embark on a culinary journey that promises a delightful start to your day.


Another Broken Egg Cafe – Destin & Miramar Beach, FL

Another Broken Egg Cafe


Nestled within the heart of Destin and its charming neighbor Miramar Beach, Another Broken Egg Cafe is where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sizzle of the griddle beckon you and your four-legged companion. Here, the menu is brimming with an array of tantalizing options, ranging from lofty, fluffy pancakes that can easily become your dog’s envy to savory, spice-kissed Louisiana-inspired crab cakes Benedict. The outdoor seating is not just pet-friendly; it’s pet-inviting, ensuring you and your buddy can savor each bite under the gentle Florida sun.


First Watch – Destin, FL



For those who are health-conscious yet unwilling to compromise on flavor, First Watch in Destin is your sunrise sanctuary. Famous for their Avocado Toast and farm-fresh specialties, this place has a knack for serving wellness on a platter. Enjoy a vibrant, nutrient-packed morning meal in their pet-friendly outdoor seating area, where your dog can bask in the attention of the friendly staff who are known to spoil pets with treats and pets.


Ruby Slipper – Miramar Beach, FL

Ruby Slipper

Cross over to the chic side of the coast to Ruby Slipper in Miramar Beach, where New Orleans hospitality meets Florida’s seaside serenity. This brand invites you and your pet to dive into a decadent breakfast experience, featuring Big Easy favorites like Bananas Foster Pain Perdu and award-winning benedicts that promise to leave your taste buds dancing. The welcoming outdoor patio is the perfect spot to relax with your pet, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the good life.


Heavenly Croissant – Fort Walton Beach, FL

A stone’s throw away in Fort Walton Beach, Heavenly Croissant is your go-to for freshly baked, buttery viennoiserie that melts in your mouth. This quaint bakery is a slice of Parisian heaven where every croissant, from the classic to the almond-filled delights, is a testament to the art of baking. Savor these with a cup of rich, aromatic coffee at one of their pet-friendly tables, where the morning doesn’t get any better.

Each of these spots doesn’t just serve food; they offer experiences, memories, and flavors that linger, making your vacation truly unforgettable. So leash up, step out, and treat yourself and your pet to the delightful mornings that only Destin can offer. Bon Appétit! 🐾🍴

Things to Do That’ll Make Tails Wag

Nancy Weidenhamer Dog Park

Destin Dog Park


Oh, you can’t help but smile when you see those happy doggie grins at the Nancy Weidenhamer Dog Park, can you? Trust me, this isn’t just any old patch of grass – it’s like Disney World for pups, minus the long lines and overpriced snacks!

Located in the heart of Destin, this spacious doggie playground is absolutely top-notch. Picture this: your furry friend bounding across lush greenery, tail wagging at approximately a million miles per hour, ears flapping in the breeze. They can sniff, zoom, and roll to their heart’s content.

The park is cleverly split into two sections – one for the pint-sized pooches and another for the more… let’s say, ‘statuesque’ fur babies, ensuring playtime is safe and fun for all. There’s enough room for a good game of fetch or an epic bout of tug-of-war. And for the more socially inclined canines, they can schmooze and make friends with the local four-legged residents.

While your gleeful pup is racking up the steps on their imaginary FitBark, you’re not left sitting on the sidelines. There are shaded benches beckoning for you to take a seat, and trust me, the people-watching is almost as entertaining as the dog-watching. Stories about your pets are a universal icebreaker, so don’t be shy to chat with the fellow dog parents. Who knows? You might pick up some local tips!

A few things to tuck into your doggo’s day out bag: plenty of water for you both because let’s be real—between the inevitable sunshine and those energetic bouts of play, you’re both going to need to hydrate. Toss in a favorite toy (because Fido deserves it), and maybe a tasty treat or two for good behavior.

And here’s a little pro tip from a seasoned pet pal – there’s nothing like a little post-park grooming to keep the sand and grass at bay. A quick brush-out on a shady bench can be just the ticket to freshen up your pooch before heading back to your pet-friendly home away from home.

After a day of such rigorous play and socializing, don’t be surprised if your best fur buddy conks out early, dreaming of squirrel chases and all their new vacation buddies. It’s just another sign of a day well-spent and memories well-made at Nancy Weidenhamer Dog Park.

Stroll Down the Scenic HarborWalk Village

Harborwalk Village


After some of those postcard-perfect views and a spot of shopping where both you and your furry best friend can feel the love? Well, get your walking shoes on and your pup’s leash ready because HarborWalk Village is calling your name!

Now, imagine just strolling down the vibrant boardwalk. The sun is painting the sky in hues of orange and pink as it sets, boats are bobbing in the distance, and live music weaves through the air, blending with the sounds of laughter and sea breezes. You’ve got a scoop—or hey, make it two (you’re on vacation, after all)—of the creamiest ice stringWithFormat(named:in:), nestled in a waffle cone, and your four-legged pal has that look of pure bliss as all the new scents and sights work their puppy magic.

As you amble by the colorful storefronts, every so often, you’ll spot a water bowl thoughtfully placed outside a boutique—an inviting gesture from the shopkeepers for your panting partner in crime. They get it here; dogs are part of the experience. And, speaking of shops, you can peek in at funky art galleries, grab some beachy apparel (sunglasses for you, bandana for the pooch?), or even find a unique local souvenir to remind you of your Destin days.

Between the browsing, be sure to just lean on the railing by the harbor, watch the fishermen haul in their day’s catch, and let the serene setting sink into your soul. You’ll see other dogs leading their humans around, their tails wagging a mile a minute. It’s a community vibe like no other.

But wait, the cherry on top? The dining options. Here at HarborWalk, many eateries have patios that don’t just allow dogs; they roll out the red carpet. Some will even have a special menu just for your buddy. Imagine digging into fresh seafood while your pal gets treated to some gourmet kibble—cheers to vacation vibes!

And the evening doesn’t end there; HarborWalk Village often has events that are as dog-friendly as they are entertaining. Live music, outdoor movies—just check the schedule when you’re in town, and you’ll be in for a treat (the non-dog biscuit variety, too!).

🐾 Checklist Before You Pack Your Bags (and Theirs!) 🐾


Ready to hit the road and dive into your next relaxing getaway with Travel Life Vacations? Before you zip up that suitcase and get your four-legged friend’s tail wagging with the word “vacay,” we’ve got a friendly little checklist to ensure you’re all set for a smooth and joyful journey—from your doorstep to our doorstep and everywhere in between.


✅ Double-Check Your Booking with Travel Life Vacations

First things first! Let’s make sure your upcoming stay is as comfy for Fluffy or Fido as it is for you. A quick peep to confirm your Travel Life Vacations rental is ready to roll out the red carpet for your pet will set the stage for those tail-wagging adventures. We’re talking prime pet-friendly spaces where everyone feels right at home.


✅ Pack the Paw-fect Travel Gear

Imagine this: You’re all settled in your beautiful vacation home, and bam! You’ve forgotten Fido’s favorite squeaky toy. Avoid the puppy dog eyes with a little prep:

Collapsible Bowls: For hydrating and munching on the go—because adventures make everyone thirsty and hungry.
Leash and Waste Bags: Essential for respectful explorations and making new two-legged and four-legged friends.
Their Favorite Toys: Nothing says “home away from home” like having their trusty playthings by their side.


✅ Update Those ID Tags & Snap a Quick Pic

In the off-chance your buddy embarks on an impromptu solo adventure, updated ID tags with your cell phone number will be a lifesaver. And why not take a fresh, adorable photo of them before you set off? It’s not just for the ‘gram—having a current pic can help others help you if you two get separated.


✅ Vet Records? Check!

Whether you’re planning a bit of pet pampering at local grooming spots or simply want peace of mind, having a copy of your pet’s vaccination records tucked away with your travel docs is a smart move. This is especially handy if you decide to try out pet-sitting services for a spontaneous day trip or a romantic evening out.

🌴 Final Wag Before You Go 🌴


Destin is calling your name (and Fido’s too), with its endless stretches of sparkling beaches, friendly faces, and, yes, a whole bunch of tails happily thumping away in the sea breeze. And guess who’s here to make this beach adventure an absolute breeze for you two? Yep, it’s us at Travel Life Vacations!

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I pick Travel Life Vacations for our next vacay?” Oh, let us count the ways! First off, we’re all about making you feel like you’re stepping into your second home, not just any ol’ rental. Think cozy, comfy, and downright ready for both human and doggo snuggles.

But it’s not just about a place to crash. We’re talking about creating unforgettable moments—splashing in the waves, discovering hidden trails, or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon nap with the sound of the ocean as your playlist. And since we know no adventure is complete without your four-legged partner in crime, our vacation homes are designed to welcome pets with open arms. Your buddy deserves a vacation too, right?

Choosing to stay with Travel Life Vacations means you’re not just getting a place to lay your head. You’re unlocking the door to heartwarming memories in the making. Imagine waking up to sun-kissed mornings with your furry friend, exploring the sandy shores, and ending the day with stunning sunsets that paint the sky. And let’s not forget, every sniff, romp, and splash is an adventure for them, making every moment a bit more special.

So, what do you say? Are you both ready to leave those paw prints in the sand and dive (literally for some daring doggies) into the crystal-clear waters of Destin? Let’s make it happen. Book your getaway with Travel Life Vacations, and let’s turn those beach daydreams into reality. Because truly, vacations shine a tad brighter, laugh a little louder, and hug your heart a bit closer when shared with your loyal companion. 🌴🐕💖