Explore the Top Spring Annual Events in Destin!

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Blog

Just as the sun starts to shuffle off its winter slumber, our beloved Emerald Coast springs to life with a scatter of thrilling events! Picture yourself trading snow boots for sandals, ditching the cozy blankets, and stepping into a realm of azure skies and splendid entertainment. From heart-pumping races along our pristine beaches to savoring gourmet treats under a blanket of stars, we’ve got the lowdown on the must-dos this emerging spring. So grab your calendar, because here comes your insider’s guide to the best and brightest events around the corner!

Sandestin Wine Festival (April)


Mark your calendars in bold, grape-stained ink, because you’re not going to want to miss the legendary Sandestin Wine Festival. Trust me, it’s like the Mardi Gras of Merlots, the carnival of Chardonnays, and your future favorite memory all poured into one!

Imagine spending four unforgettable days where your only mission is to taste the world, one sip at a time. We’re talking reds that whisper secrets of distant vineyards, whites that sing of sunny afternoons, and those oh-so-elegant rosés that’ll have you feeling like you’re part of some fancy French film. Yes, it’s that good.

And the folks you’ll meet? The best kind – fellow wine lovers who can debate the merits of a bold cabernet sauvignon with a passion that’s usually reserved for defending your favorite TV character. You’ll be swirling glasses, sharing stories, and making friends with every clink.

But it’s not just about what’s in the glass (though, let’s be honest, that’s a huge part of it). It’s about the experience – the gentle hum of conversation around you, the soft strumming of a guitar somewhere in the background, and the kind of sunset skies that artists try to capture on canvas but never quite do justice.

If you’ve got an adventurous palate, you’re in for a treat. Discover new vintages that’ll tickle your curiosity and revisit the charm of those old favorites that are like a warm hug from an old friend. Whether you fancy yourself a connoisseur or you can’t tell a Sauvignon from a storefront, there’s something here for you.

The full-bodied (see what I did there?) experience is waiting for you at Sandestin Wine Festival.


Sandestin Wine Festival

Seabreeze Jazz Festival (April)

Seabreeze Jazz Festival

Jazz lovers and groove-seekers! Do you feel that? It’s the rhythm calling you out to play, and have I got the perfect spot for us to rendezvous! The Seabreeze Jazz Festival where it dances its way into our hearts and onto the sandy shores, whisking us away into a world where smooth grooves and soulful vibes reign supreme.

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival isn’t just an event; it’s where the magic happens. It’s where the salty sea breeze doesn’t just tousle your hair but brings with it melodies from some of the most renowned jazz virtuosos around. Imagine swaying to seamless improvisations and syncopated rhythms that seem to speak directly to the soul.

It gets better. With artists gathering from every nook and cranny of the jazz world, you’re in for a treat of eclectic styles—be it the velvet tones of a classic sax, the vibrant trills of trumpets, or the mellow vibes of a piano jazz set. Each performance promises to be a story, one told in the universal language of music, against a backdrop of warm, golden sunsets and the rhythmic clapping of ocean waves.

What’s dubbed as “the ultimate weekend of smooth jazz” isn’t just about the music, though. It’s about the feeling. The incomparable atmosphere of being surrounded by folks who share your passion, the food that sings as much as the artists, and let’s not forget the dancing. Whether you’re a nod-your-head-in-approval type or prefer to let loose and sway, here, all movements are the right moves.

Don’t just take my word for it. Slide on over to Seabreeze Jazz Festival and see what the fuss is all about. Trust me, once you’ve had a taste of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival life, there’s no going back to mundane weekends.

South Walton Beaches Wine and Food Festival (April)


South Walton Beaches Wine and Food Festival is one of those events you’ll wish you went to sooner. Enjoy the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, and in your hand – oh yes! – a glass of something spendid that promises a tastes of far-off lands. 

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill food fest – oh no! This is where the world’s culinary delights are brought to the beach. From delicacies meticulously prepared by master chefs to an international array of vino, this festival has it all. Sip on a glass of crisp Australian Chardonnay, nibble on exquisite Spanish tapas, or treat your palate to a heady Bordeaux red; here, ‘around the world in eighty days’ seems more like ’round the world in a matter of taste-buds-tantalizing moments.’

One of the special things about this festival is the people. Get ready to mingle with some of the finest purveyors and chefs in the business. They aren’t just bringing their skills and bottles with them; no, these are the mavericks who carry an encyclopedia of flavors, stories, and foodie wisdom you wouldn’t find in any Barnes & Noble aisle. A quick chat as you sample their wares, and you might just learn the secret behind that seductive French rosé or the intricate layers of flavors in your sushi roll.

So foodies, wine lovers, and flavor-hunters, let’s raise a toast to good times, great flavors, a spritz of sunshine, and a dash of beach bliss. See you at the South Walton Beaches Wine and Food Festival! I hope you’re as stoked as we are – because this is one culinary adventure you are not going to want to miss! 🍷🍽️🏖️





Digital Graffiti (May)

Digital Graffiti

Imagine a place where the future comes to play, splashing its techy, vibrant dreams all over the canvas of reality. Sounds like a Sci-Fi novel, right? But guess what? It’s as real as it gets, and it’s happening at Alys Beach during the spellbinding Digital Graffiti festival. So, if your Instagram feed is screaming for fresh, eclectic content, or if you just adore when technology and art do a beautiful tango together, this is your golden ticket.

Alys Beach, with its stunning white architecture – a perfect backdrop, like a blank canvas awaiting the first stroke of brilliance. But here’s the kicker – the artists at Digital Graffiti don’t need paintbrushes; their tools are the pixels and projection technology that bring their wildest imaginations to life. As the sun dips and the sky darkens, this serene beachside community transforms into an animated masterpiece, where walls breathe with stories told in light and color.

Picture this: one moment, you’re walking past a Greek Revival townhouse, the next, you’re standing in front of a dynamic whale swimming in a sea of vibrant hues, and then – bam! – you turn a corner, and you’re in the midst of a digital forest, leaves rustling in a silent, virtual breeze. This isn’t just an art show; it’s an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole that you happily tumble down, where every turn surprises and delights.

And the best part? You don’t just get to see the art; you get to interact with it. Digital Graffiti paves the way for a vivid intersection of technology and art, inviting you to engage, touch, and experience the futuristic narrative of creativity. It’s where art isn’t confined to galleries or kept behind ‘do not touch’ signs; it’s sprawling, living, and pulsating all around you, under the open sky.

Want in on this fusion of the future? Dive deeper into the digital dreamscape at Digital Graffiti, where the details are as mesmerizing as the artwork. Trust me, whether you’re a serious art critic or someone who can’t draw a straight line with a ruler (yep, I’m with you there), this festival will enchant, entertain, and maybe even inspire you.

Memorial Day Weekend Celebrations at HarborWalk Village (May)



Can you feel that? It’s the call of summer, whispering promises of sun-soaked days and starry night skies. And there’s no place on earth that answers this summer siren call quite like HarborWalk Village in Destin, Florida. Seriously, we’ve got the perfect beachfront bonanza that will kick your summer vibe right into high gear from Memorial Day Weekend itself!

The Memorial Day Weekend Celebration at HarborWalk Village isn’t just an event. It’s the grand opening party to summer, where we transform the Destin Harbor into an electric stage fizzing with live music, sky-dazzling air shows, and fireworks that would make the stars jealous. This annual extravaganza is the stuff of local legends, bringing pure joy and bucketloads of excitement to everyone. And you’re absolutely invited!

Just imagine, the festivities ignite with an evening of live music that promises to rock your beach sandals off. Sync your heartbeat with the rhythm and let the scenic backdrop of Emerald Grande serenade you into the summer-swaying mood. But hang on, the party is just getting started!

Up next, a poignant remembrance ceremony accompanied by a vintage air show. Prepare to tilt your head back and let your eyes feast on the spectacle in the sky. As the sun slides beneath the horizon, the night sky throws its own sparkle party with a tableau of breathtaking fireworks and fire spinning. It’s like the universe celebrates along with you, painting the harbor with vibrant hues and pulsating energy.

And because summer nights are too glorious to say goodbye, the celebration keeps rolling. A Silent Disco awaits you on Captain’s Deck, and more live music keeps your feet tapping. Oh, and did I mention another spectacular round of fireworks and fire spinning? Yep! We’re not fans of encores; we’re fans of SHOW-stopping finales.

Now, pop that question: Is it accessible and convenient? You bet it is! An on-site parking fee gives you all-day access with the sweet deal of a same-day return. Located right at 10 Harbor Blvd, Destin, Florida, there’s no chance you can miss out on the action.

So, grab your sunscreen and your best summer vibes, and head on over to join us at the Memorial Day Weekend Celebration at HarborWalk Village. It’s a festival that will make your summer heart sing while giving a fond and respectful nod to our history. Let’s leap into the warmer months together, our spirits dancing high on the waves of mesmerizing music and sky-high celebrations!

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