Design Tips to Increase Your Rental Rates in Destin

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Blog

Hello there! I’m just like you, a property owner who’s always looking for ways to boost the earning potential of my beach vacation property in the oh-so-popular Destin and the surrounding area locales. Guess what? The key is all in the design of your property.

Can I share something with you? In this blog, I’ll share what turns your property into an irresistible getaway, and guess what, it’s not that hard! It all begins with a bit of color here and there and an inspired arrangement of furniture – you’ll be surprised what a refreshing look can do.

Plus, who says practicality can’t mix with aesthetics? Hard surfaces like tile or hardwood floors don’t just add to a property’s ‘cool factor’, they’re also pretty practical when you’re just steps away from sandy beaches.

Have you thought of the endless charm a captivating view adds, or the strategic use of outdoor living spaces and personalized touches? I’ve found that something as simple as a cozy full over full bunk bed or clever integrated storage solutions can cater to a diverse crowd of renters and give you a reason to ask for a better nightly rate.

So, if you’re ready let’s dive into the exciting world of beach vacation rental design. Stick around and learn how to turn your property in Destin into a thriving hotspot in the competitive beach vacation rental market.

Universal and Bright Colors

When you’re picturing your Destin vacation property as a remarkable investment, do me a favor and think minimalist. I’ve found that a clean, uncluttered design paired with comfy furniture creates an aesthetic that appeals to just about everyone.

How about colors? Choose vibrant, universally loved hues that’d make your place feel bright and welcoming. And what about the smaller spaces? Well, I’ve learned a little trick – using neutral shades like whites, creams, and light pastels can work wonders! They make the area seem more spacious and inviting.

Finally, try embellishing your property with sleek and modern furnishings and decor to create not just a comfortable stay, but also a visually delightful experience for your guests. Trust me, a unified and stylish ambiance definitely wins hearts (and high rental rates, too)!

Design with Kid Friendly Spaces In Mind

Did you know a sizeable chunk of the vacation goers in Destin are families? That’s why, to stand out in the rental market, it’s a brilliant idea to purposefully style your property with a family-friendly twist.

Trust me, focusing on creating spaces that do more than just ‘accommodate’ families—spaces that actually enhance their overall vacation experience—goes a very long way.

One trick I’ve learned is to let the sunshine in. Nothing says ‘happy and refreshing’ like a flood of natural light. Large windows, skylights, and glass doors help bring the outdoors into your living space, creating an uplifting, open feel that families absolutely love.

And let’s not forget about the little ones—they definitely have a say in where the family stays! Create a dedicated corner in the property, decked up with fun and lively décor, just for kids. You can even add a touch of adventure with full over full bunk beds, have in-built storage for endless toys and games, and sprinkle around bright, joyous colors. A space specifically designed for children not only ensures your younger guests have a blast, but also positions your property as the go-to choice for families, guaranteeing a vacation everyone savors and cherishes.

Maximize Your View

When it comes to imagining your Destin property, don’t just consider it as a place for guests to crash – paint it as a sanctuary that engages their hearts. After all, people are drawn to these properties for the soul-touching vistas they offer. So, your property shouldn’t just provide a place to sleep, but should serve as a soothing retreat where the beach’s sheer beauty becomes an integral part of their adventure.

Why not personalize these enchanting panoramas a little? Reposition furniture to create snug corners and engaging spots that masterfully frame the scenic beauty outside. Think of those large windows and glass doors not just as entry points, but as live canvases painting the captivating landscape in a manner akin to Mother Nature’s own masterpiece.

Remember, it’s not just about the visual appeal, but creating an indoor experience that feels like a continuous celebration of the outdoors. Let’s strive to transform the view from a passive sight into an engaging encounter, a constant affirmation that they’ve chosen a special place where the beach is an enthusiastic participant in their refuge.

Moving outdoors, imagine sculpting inviting spaces, maybe a balcony or a patio, enticing your guests to relax and soak in the surrounding beauty. Envision comfy chairs that welcome like a warm hug, rugs that encourage barefoot leisure, and pops of greenery adding whispers of nature’s charm. These outdoor spaces are more than just extensions—they are open invitations to create beautiful memories against the beach’s bewitching backdrop.

By harmonizing all these elements, your property becomes much more than just lodgings—it turns into a living escape, a space where every sunrise and sunset, the soft rustling of the leaves, becomes intricately woven into their personal story. After all, we’re not just offering a place to stay, we’re crafting a haven that aligns with their pursuit of a deeply personal and enriching getaway.


As you conceptualize your property’s design with larger groups or families in mind, one can’t overlook the brilliance of bunk beds. They combine versatility with comfort in an almost uncanny way. If you take it up a notch from the standard twin-over-twin structure and settle for a full-over-full bunk bed instead, you gain an edge. These full-sized bunk beds open up more sleeping spaces for guests while delivering an upgraded snooze experience—making your property remarkably appealing to a broader spectrum of visitors.

Remember, this isn’t just about doubling your accommodation’s capacity. The charm of bunk beds is about enhancing your property’s appeal, making it a must-visit for families and groups in search of spacious and comfy quarters. By proffering generous sleeping arrangements, you’re not just running a rental—you’re crafting a communal setting where shared experiences form the core of beach vacation memories.

Want to make your bunk bed area even more enticing? Consider adding features that are practical yet charming. Built-in storage compartments can be a nifty addition, offering guests a hassle-free way to store their personal stuff, facilitating a well-organized, clutter-less space. Individual reading lights for each bed not only deliver a touch of customization but also cater to diverse nighttime routines, allowing guests to indulge in a late-night read or move about without disrupting others.

Plus, for a dash of privacy in the shared sleeping quarters, consider adding curtains or screens to each bunk. These blend privacy with the shared environment, recognizing the need for individual retreat amidst a group setting. Such an attentive touch ensures that your guests not only feel accommodated but also feel that their need for shared and solo moments are well-anticipated and provided for.

Posiedon's Palace Bunkbeds

Embrace Hard Surfaces

Posiedon's Palace Entry
Within the sphere of Destin/30A beach properties, being near the sandy stretches also ushers in the issue of sand finding its way indoors. To uncomplicate the cleaning process and ensure ease of maintenance, the prudent selection of flooring material becomes key. A strategic choice favoring hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors yields a tapestry of benefits.

The pragmatic appeal of hard surfaces lies in their inherent ease of cleaning. Unlike carpets, which can trap sand and be difficult to clean comprehensively, tile or hardwood floors expedite the cleaning process. Clearing sand or going through a mopping routine becomes a breeze, facilitating quick resets between guest visits. This not only maintains a spotless environment for each visitor but also boosts the operational efficiency of your vacation rental.

More than their practicality, hard surfaces enhance your property’s aesthetic charm. With a sleek and contemporary design, these surfaces marry well with modern interior styles, imparting a refined and polished feel. This aesthetic coherence not only elevates your property’s visual allure but also reflects a commitment to beauty and functionality.

To counterbalance the innate chilliness of hard flooring, consider the strategic placement of area rugs within the living spaces. These rugs not only act as style elements, introducing warmth and coziness but also safeguard the floor. Choose rugs that are easy to clean or replace, ensuring they align with the easy-care advantage of hard surfaces. This thoughtful placement not only amplifies the overall comfort but also offers a practical way to offset any inconvenience tied to the hard flooring.

The cautious choice of flooring material and the careful inclusion of area rugs in your beach vacation property can streamline cleaning procedures and create a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. This mindful approach ensures your property is well-equipped to handle the demands of beachside living and blossoms as an inviting and visually delightful haven for every guest.

Choosing Travel Life Vacations as Your Trusted Partner

At Travel Life Vacations, we understand how competitive the landscape of Destin vacation rentals can be. That’s why partnering with a trustworthy property management company is key to guarantee smooth operations and maximum financial returns. A partnership with us promises numerous benefits, from in-depth market knowledge to customized marketing strategies and efficient guest services. Our expertise in the Destin market ensures your property will not only satisfy guest expectations but surpass them, resulting in positive reviews and returned customers. With Travel Life Vacations at your side, you can concentrate on enhancing your property’s design and guest experience, confident that the management pillars are supported by capable hands.

In designing your beach vacation property, the aim is to create a space that maximizes the coastal atmosphere while exuding comfort and encouraging guests to fully enjoy their stay. Incorporate outdoor living spaces, carefully crafted bunk bed areas, and interiors that radiate brightness and openness to deliver an incredible experience for your guests. By remaining innovative and responsive to your guests’ needs, you position your property as the prime choice for those seeking an extraordinary and memorable Destin visit.

Thoughtfully selected design elements do more than just boost aesthetic allure; they transform your property into a desirable destination, drawing guests back repeatedly. With our proficiency addressing your property management needs, you are well-positioned to enjoy a booming rental enterprise, characterized by increased rental rates and an excellent reputation in this coveted coastal locale. Extend to your guests a remarkable vacation experience where intelligent design and flawless management blend to offer a genuinely extraordinary stay.